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The mission of Superior Performance is to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and sport. 


Our coaches education in human physiology and their coaching experience allows Superior Performance to understand the unique challenges that each individual faces when trying to reach their goals. If you are willing to do the work and make the investment in a healthy lifestyle, we will provide you the best and most efficient way to go about it.


Superior Performance offers programs for people of all ages and abilities, remote coaching services, physiologic testing, corporate wellness solutions and consulting for anyone looking to improve their fitness or race results. 

Dream big, you can do it, we can help.


How we can help you

We offer a variety of services to meet your coaching, corporate wellness and nutritional needs. These are tailored to your goals, schedule and lifestyle.



"Finding information on training to run ultra marathons can be a challenge, so finding Superior Performance's knowledgable coaches has made a huge difference in my results. Since I started working with them, my coach [Jason Kask] and I have been able to identify my goals and work towards them as a team. Superior Performance has allowed me to not only meet my goals, but surpass them!"



"I am a senior level marathon canoe racer turned Dragon Boat sprint racer. I was invited to try out for Team USA dragon boat teams that compete at an international level. I was a decent marathon paddler but not at the same level as those at the top. I asked Jason Kask to develop a training program to help me prepare for the 2011 and 2013 world teams. With his expertise and knowledge, he set me up on a yearlong program to help me peak for my 500 meter time trial as part of the team selection process. I knew I would do well, but to my surprise I had the fastest time in the Midwest! I love sprint training and I love the workouts Jason provides me. With a professional training program such as Jason provides, I can train with confidence eliminating the worry of wondering whether my training program is adequate.


The results speak for them self, I have made the world team in 2011 that competed in Tampa and the world team in 2013 that competed in Hungary. My next goal is to make the 2015 team that will compete in the world competition held in Ontario, Canada. If you are looking for an individualized, flexible, scientifically based training program designed for optimal performance, try Superior Performance."


"GREAT regatta today with good results. 2 for 3 with gold medal in the Master Mens 2x and Mixed Master 4x and silver in the Master Mens 4x. Competition was the best that the MRC and 612 Endurance clubs had to offer in all three events. Thanks for a great training regimen. All races were rowed with a feeling of strength the entire 2K. Thanks again for the confidence and conditioning plan."  


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