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Individualized Training Plans

Superior Performance offers comprehensive individualized training plans.  These are tailored to each individual's background and sport-specific needs.  An individualized plan is perfect for people looking to maximize their performance and reach their potential. These plans are created to help you achieve your goals and are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each workout is tailor-made for your current ability and previous experience. Clients use these plans to reach goals in sports and physical activity. 

  • Personalized daily training plan provided through Final Surge

  • Workouts that fit in your schedule, to reach your goals

  • Monthly training recap video with training statistics 

  • Monthly, athlete initiated, meeting to discuss training progress and goals

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email contact with your coach

  • Daily feedback on your training log*

*Feeback will be provided within 24 hours of the workout being logged, excluding Saturday



Training questions?  Don't need an entire training plan-  meet with a coach! Jason can meet with you to discuss your training, goals, competition schedule, weight loss plan, and ways to improve your physical activity levels and create a healthier lifestyle. 


Presentations, Workshops & Team Clinics

Jason visits professional organizations, workplaces, clubs, stores, and athletic teams to deliver motivational workshops and physiology clinics tailored to group needs.   These workshops are perfect for co-workers, teams, and friends to kick off renewed health resolutions, learn training strategies for a specific sport, or have burning coaching questions answered and/or review key training concepts.

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