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Individual Nutrition Counseling

Do you have nutrition questions about sports nutrition, training diets, supplements, eating during competitions, weight loss, protein needs, or other fad diets? We can work together to develop a nutrition plan based on your age, weight, height, gender, and training schedule.  We can discuss any nutrition barriers you may be experiencing with your training.  We can answer any questions you may have whether you are getting appropriate protein, carbohydrate, fat, and calorie intake. You will receive a nutrition plan that will provide specific strategies to help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals.


            Cost for 60 min session:  

            1 session:  $75           

            3 sessions: $180           

            5 sessions: $250



Supermarket Tour

Janelle is available to take you and up to 4 others on a private supermarket tour at the grocery store of your choice.  She’ll first teach you how to really read the nutrition labels and then she’ll walk you aisle by aisle and point out the best (and worst!) food choices.  We can look at foods and nutrition supplements specific to your training likes and needs.  What better nutrition classroom is there than a grocery store? 


             Cost:   $125 (please allow 60 minutes)



Nutrition Workshops & Sport Team Clinics

Janelle visits professional organizations, workplaces, clubs, stores and athletic teams to deliver motivational workshops and nutrition clinics tailored to group needs.   These workshops are perfect for co-workers, teams, and friends to kick-off renewed health resolutions, learn nutrition strategies for a specific sport, or have burning nutrition questions answered and/or review key nutrition concepts.


             Cost is dependent on the length and type of workshop.    


E-Mail Consulting Sessions

Do you have specific questions about particular foods, sports nutrition, supplements, or eating for training or competition?  I can answer those questions for you in an email.  These sessions can be used alone for a specific question, or as a follow-up to any individual counseling, computerized dietary analysis, or the sport nutrition workshops to provide on-going expert advice as needed. The average amount of time spent on each question is 20 minutes.


            Cost:  1 session:  $30            

                       3 sessions: $75             

                       5 sessions: $100

Computerized Dietary Analysis

Improve performance by finding out how much protein, carbohydrate, fat, and calories you are currently consuming and learning how much you really need for optimal energy for training, health, and weight management. We will analyze your food, fluid and activity for 3 consecutive (normal) days using a nutrition and activity analysis software program. The nutrition summary will provide individualized recommendations based on your nutrition and fitness goals. It will also include a list of any nutrients that your diet may be deficient in such as iron, zinc, calcium, or B vitamins. In addition, you receive a 45-minute consultation.


           Cost: Contact for more information

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